Parents & Bubs class

Our Parents class is designed for either prenatal or postpartum Mums. We can modify any exercises to suit your needs. We have an Exercise Physiologist on our team, Erica Farrell, who oversees the program and is specialising in Women’s Health.

Kids are welcome and usually enjoy playing in the gym while you’re training. The sessions are flexible so you can tend to them as you need to and we’ll make sure you get plenty of work done.

Our main goal is to get you moving, in a safe and fun environment for you and your child. We have worked with Mums from their first baby through to 2 years after their second baby. We understand that things are different after having a baby and we will help you navigate returning to exercise safely.



If you’re ready to take the next step, you should know our memberships are:

– Minimum 12 week commitment
– No Joining Fee
– Monthly Direct Debit only

Creating real change takes time and consistency. You’re worth it.

Ready to go?

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