We are Perth’s Gymnastic Strength Training destination. We specialise in getting your body moving better and stronger than ever.

What do we do?

We run small-group classes, led by an instructor that will take you through a warm up, workout and stretching. We keep class sizes smaller to ensure that you get the right amount of attention, to learn and progress with your training.

Our classes are designed to get the best out of your body, whether you’re new to exercise or a well developed athlete. Our program addresses mobility, flexibility, strength and core foundations. We build you up in layers, starting where you are right now, with the right progressions for your level.

What is Gymnastic Strength Training?

GST is a system of training that focuses primarily on bodyweight exercises and progressions used by Olympic level gymnasts. This training creates amazing physiques, built on lean muscle, inhuman strength and incredible flexibility.

We recognise that you aren’t a gymnast and don’t need that level of intensity in training. However using the principles of GST combined with weight training, we have created a daily program that is suitable for all adults who want to have the best looking and functioning body they’ve ever had.


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