We run the same class during each time slot, so you’ll be getting the same great training no matter what time you come. There are some unique classes through the week, for that extra focus on skill work like Handstands.

Our class sizes limited between 8-12 students depending on the class – this allows individual attention for each member, whilst also getting the most out of training in a group environment.

We provide the right progressions for our students, in the best training space with the best people.


Our Movement class incorporates locomotion, rings, handstands, squatting, pressing, pulling, core and mobility work.

Each day targets a different facet of strength. Alternating between an upper body and lower body focus. We use principles from Gymnastics, Weightlifting and loaded mobility techniques to create strong, lean and healthy bodies.


We believe a healthy heart is key to a healthy body.

This class combines cardiovascular endurance, interval training, core and flexibility work. Be prepared to work hard, get a sweat on and have some fun along the way.


This class is for new or expecting Mums. We combine strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility into a great workout each day.

All exercises can be modified to suit you at any stage. Babies and toddlers are welcome.

Real results in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Suitable for beginners to intermediate. We cover the foundations of building a solid handstand with all of the required strength and mobility. Life is more fun upside down!