About Us


Hey I'm Sam and I founded Inspired Movement in 2015 while completing my undergraduate degree in Sports Science.

My fitness background began in a more traditional area, I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2011 and in 2012 was running Bootcamps and Personal Training in Canberra. In 2013 I created Evolve Fitness personal training in Perth while also coaching CrossFit until mid 2015. I also had a contract to provide strength training programs to state level hockey athletes from NSW and QLD.

In late 2014 I started Gymnastic Strength Training using the Gymnastic Bodies systems. My interest in this field grew and I sought out professional coaching in Perth to learn more about bodyweight training. I realised that this type of training was very powerful when combined with some weight training for the lower body. I also saw that there wasn't really anywhere to go if you wanted to train this way, so I started Inspired Movement.

Since then I have attended a Gymnastic Bodies seminar, Movement X with Ido Portal, trained with Miguel Sant'ana, Yuval Ayalon and have hosted workshops with Emmet Louis, Kit Laughlin and Andrii Bondarenko to further my education and bring more expertise to our students.

My goal is create a community based training facility that serves as a place for people to discover what their mind and bodies are capable of under the guidance of expert teachers.